Silent no more

Emotional abuse,is heart and soul mutilation, and should always be takin seriously, as with any form of violence  any form of abuse i think needs to be addressed and i think that stiffer laws need to be made and the abusers who purposely abuse others they need to be held accountable for their actions because all abuse no matter what the abuse is, i think that any abuse is wrong and there needs to be a change, because the only one who really suffers  is the abused,  because they feel as though they deserved to be hit or emotionally or whatever they  start thinking that they are not worthy and they may start to think that it was their fault and they start to die and whither inside because they feel as though there is no one who cares enough to help.  😦   , and i see this alot in my own life as well, but those who are being abused by either a stranger or a lover or  from a family member we need to always remember  to be strong and stay strong and never give up and when we all band together to help stop domestic violence/abuse i believe that many voices can go along way and can be heard 🙂 thank you.


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