Caged animal

Why must people  treat other people so badly? and espiecally, when they caim at the same time the words i love you :(, as i had earlier said in my last blog/ my post, love is not suppose to hurt, and there is no reason for it  and there is no excuse whatsoever for abuse, no matter what the abuse there is no excuse because all it does is tear people,lovers,and it tears families apart, and i am speaking from  much expierence  , because that is what has happened in my own life, and i find myself crying so hard  and for awhile the tears stop but then the tears start flowing again , and as i said before i am a happy person by nature , but when people just deliberately hurt me and use me and when they abuse me and taking my niceness as a weakness  that’s when i start to step back and ask that person if you love me and care about me so much as you say and claim then why are you wanting to hurt me so deeply? because that isn’t love it’s more like warped love, but i’m not just writing about myself because i know that there are so many people all over the world who has been treated the same way as i have been treated so it would be very selfish on my part to think that only i was important because that isn’t true, because we all are human beings and every single one of us matters, and those who as i said deliberately choose to hurt others  and think that it is ok to do so ,ask yourself this question, ; would i want to be mistreated the way that i’m mistreating this person in front of me? ‘   😦    and i would really hope that your answer would be no no i would not.     and we all as  human beings deserve to be treated with love, and acceptence, and with the same rights as others have.   i know that this blog or post whichever one chooses to call it  is titled caged animal  i thought it  was appropriate to name this blog.   but more on the title’s meaning in another pos later, but for now i wanted to share once again with the world my thoughts and my feelings, on what i personally view as important and  shouldn’t be taken lightly.   and once again thank you.


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