The real story of what a vampire is . by suzie belmont.

What is a vampire?  many people have their own  description on what they think a vampire is but i guess however one chooses to view the vampire, each of us is right with our own views on what a vampire should either look like or on what kind of charactrics  they should have.   For many many years the vampire has fascinated people every where , both young and old , and they [ the vampire ] has become like a household name just like the other famous monsters of our time, but to me i think that vampires have stood out more, i think it’s because they represent beauty and eternal youthfullness and full of courage. but that’s only half of how we percieve the vampire,  and alot of times vampires are shown  in a false light and what i mean by that is  that some choose to make the vampire more human  then what they[ the vampire ] really is, but i’m not saying that those people are wrong to think that way , no not at all, i’m just wanting  to share with everyone  my thoughts on this subject now to me the very best description of what i think a real vampire should look like and how he/she should act, take for instance the movie interview with a vampire now mrs. rice  to me has done very very well  and those who had a part in making the movie as well as all the actors and actresses  they all did so wonderfully and they all were so right for the parts that they played  and so  i give them all a 10  and over lol ,  and now getting back to what i was saying about being shown in a false light, to me personally i think a vampire should be more tougher and more bolder  after all once turned into one of the living dead the newly transformed  vampire looses all of his human feelings, such as love , and hate etc, and they are reborn into a new world that the newly transformed vampire has yet to discover. but however one chooses to view the vampire  to that person that is how they see the vampire so there is no right or wrong way   because we are all right in how we choose  to view what we hold dear.        thank you.

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