Forced guardianship

Hello . to whomever it may concern,  I am in a very unhappy situation that ive tried and tried to get  some help with, but it seems that nobody wants to really help me, but i keep on looking , so here is my situation, i am under guardianship and i do not want it nor do i even need one i am of age  and i am of sound mind,  and i am fully aware of what is going on, but still i have a guardian, but i know that the reason for this unwanted and forced guardianship and ive even expressed my feelings and thoughts concerning this guardianship and i highly object to this because it isnt needed nor even wanted, i can do everything myself  like cook,bathe, dress myself etc. and i strongly feel that i have been cheated cheated out of happiness,  and that is so wrong and unfair.  I have done alot of research on many topics such as guardianship and about the different forms of abuse ,  but ive also done alot of research on rights , and that we all  have rights ,and  my rights as a human being have been unjustly violated i am however a happy individual by nature , but its like when others who think that they are helping you and thinking that they are wanting to look out for you etc, and who claim to love you , its like they fail and refuse to see that it is they who are actually hurting you the most, by trying to control you and deprive you of your rights even though they see that you are sad and feel betrayed by them, it seems that they dont care at all about how their actions are affecting you . i have been trying to prove myself as in showing that yes i am very competent but no matter what i do or say  its like it falls on deaf ears. this situation is really just so humiliating and so hurtful,  and what ive come to learn as well is that abuse is all about control. and then theres the issue about  my own finances  im limited with that as well, but i am a very wise spender what i mean by that is  that i do not just spend money just because i have it, because a person cant do that because when its needed the most a person won’t have any if they spend it unwisely,  well thank you very much for taking the time to read my blog it is appreciated. ps, the reason why I wanted to post this blog  is because if you knew anyone in the legal profession, and of low cost  who could please asist me in this would be so appreciated , it is just so heartbreaking to see that and to hear how and why some people would want to treat the one’s they love and care about so unjust and for their pleasure we see that alot going on in the world and it’s been going on for a long long time and it needs to be stopped .    thank you.

The real story of what a vampire is . by suzie belmont.

What is a vampire?  many people have their own  description on what they think a vampire is but i guess however one chooses to view the vampire, each of us is right with our own views on what a vampire should either look like or on what kind of charactrics  they should have.   For many many years the vampire has fascinated people every where , both young and old , and they [ the vampire ] has become like a household name just like the other famous monsters of our time, but to me i think that vampires have stood out more, i think it’s because they represent beauty and eternal youthfullness and full of courage. but that’s only half of how we percieve the vampire,  and alot of times vampires are shown  in a false light and what i mean by that is  that some choose to make the vampire more human  then what they[ the vampire ] really is, but i’m not saying that those people are wrong to think that way , no not at all, i’m just wanting  to share with everyone  my thoughts on this subject now to me the very best description of what i think a real vampire should look like and how he/she should act, take for instance the movie interview with a vampire now mrs. rice  to me has done very very well  and those who had a part in making the movie as well as all the actors and actresses  they all did so wonderfully and they all were so right for the parts that they played  and so  i give them all a 10  and over lol ,  and now getting back to what i was saying about being shown in a false light, to me personally i think a vampire should be more tougher and more bolder  after all once turned into one of the living dead the newly transformed  vampire looses all of his human feelings, such as love , and hate etc, and they are reborn into a new world that the newly transformed vampire has yet to discover. but however one chooses to view the vampire  to that person that is how they see the vampire so there is no right or wrong way   because we are all right in how we choose  to view what we hold dear.        thank you.

Caged animal

Why must people  treat other people so badly? and espiecally, when they caim at the same time the words i love you :(, as i had earlier said in my last blog/ my post, love is not suppose to hurt, and there is no reason for it  and there is no excuse whatsoever for abuse, no matter what the abuse there is no excuse because all it does is tear people,lovers,and it tears families apart, and i am speaking from  much expierence  , because that is what has happened in my own life, and i find myself crying so hard  and for awhile the tears stop but then the tears start flowing again , and as i said before i am a happy person by nature , but when people just deliberately hurt me and use me and when they abuse me and taking my niceness as a weakness  that’s when i start to step back and ask that person if you love me and care about me so much as you say and claim then why are you wanting to hurt me so deeply? because that isn’t love it’s more like warped love, but i’m not just writing about myself because i know that there are so many people all over the world who has been treated the same way as i have been treated so it would be very selfish on my part to think that only i was important because that isn’t true, because we all are human beings and every single one of us matters, and those who as i said deliberately choose to hurt others  and think that it is ok to do so ,ask yourself this question, ; would i want to be mistreated the way that i’m mistreating this person in front of me? ‘   😦    and i would really hope that your answer would be no no i would not.     and we all as  human beings deserve to be treated with love, and acceptence, and with the same rights as others have.   i know that this blog or post whichever one chooses to call it  is titled caged animal  i thought it  was appropriate to name this blog.   but more on the title’s meaning in another pos later, but for now i wanted to share once again with the world my thoughts and my feelings, on what i personally view as important and  shouldn’t be taken lightly.   and once again thank you.

Silent no more

Emotional abuse,is heart and soul mutilation, and should always be takin seriously, as with any form of violence  any form of abuse i think needs to be addressed and i think that stiffer laws need to be made and the abusers who purposely abuse others they need to be held accountable for their actions because all abuse no matter what the abuse is, i think that any abuse is wrong and there needs to be a change, because the only one who really suffers  is the abused,  because they feel as though they deserved to be hit or emotionally or whatever they  start thinking that they are not worthy and they may start to think that it was their fault and they start to die and whither inside because they feel as though there is no one who cares enough to help.  😦   , and i see this alot in my own life as well, but those who are being abused by either a stranger or a lover or  from a family member we need to always remember  to be strong and stay strong and never give up and when we all band together to help stop domestic violence/abuse i believe that many voices can go along way and can be heard 🙂 thank you.

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